March 21, 2019

Firefox 2.0: More Than Just a Surfboard - page 3

Productivity Tools In Firefox 2.0

  • October 26, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly
I've been writing my Linux Today blog entries in OpenOffice.org Writer, simply because I had no other way to filter for spelling errors. The normal routine was to create absolutely brilliant commentary, spell check it, then copy and paste it over to the Movable Type blog content box.

Imagine how I smiled when I logged into my blog account and typed in a paragraph with a couple of intentionally misspelled words.

Now I can just type and any words that the Firefox dictionary doesn't recognize, will be red underlined, right there in the Web page text box.

I imagine Monster and Dice users will likely see a positive trend in the number and quality of recruiters, that call, as well. Just another very practical reason to switch to Open Source.

If you have supreme confidence in your spelling prowess, you can always turn off on line checking under Edit -> Preferences, on the Advanced tab.

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