February 16, 2019

gOS: Undocumented Enlightenment - page 2

What Manner of Beast Be This?

  • November 29, 2007
  • By Carla Schroder
My first stop, as always with anything, was the gOS Web site. What a fascinating experience that was- I read every word in under five minutes. To call it "undocumented" is an understatement. Perhaps "allergic to documentation" is more accurate. And to think I crabbed at the lack of release documentation in Ubuntu Server--they serve up an encyclopedic feast in comparison. You won't even find many screenshots, though they do make a big deal out of--I am not making this up--the Capsule. Which looks like late 90s Apple art, and they even use "think" in the URL. Not Apple's ungrammatical "think different", just "think". Maybe it's an homage to the old IBM THINK signs.

When you click on the Support link, you are taken to a literal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)--it is full of questions, but not many answers. Even more fun is they borked the browser back button--when you want to return to the main FAQ page after reading a FAQ entry, you either have no back button at all, depending how you got to the page, or it takes you all the way back to the Support page. Want to get back to the main gOS site? Lots of luck--there are no links from the FAQ page; you're on your own. If there is a user mailing list or forum somewhere, it's a secret.

The technology is summed up in a sentence: "gOS runs on Ubuntu + Enlightenment which in geek means... very sexy." Strangely, I didn't find any nekked or otherwise sexy piccies, or even any racy stories. I didn't find any release notes or anything pertaining to gOS' actual technology, either.

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