February 22, 2019

KWord, The Lightweight Word Processing Power Tool - page 2

Aim Higher Than MS Word

  • December 6, 2007
  • By Carla Schroder
The KWord manual, which is a bit outdated as it is for version 1.5, draws a clear distinction between page mode and text mode. In Text mode there is a main text frame that synchronizes with your page size, so when you change the page size this frame changes proportionally. In Page mode frames do not change automatically with the page size. But KWord 1.6 seems to blur the lines; there is no longer a separate Page template category. Some of the templates handle page-size changes gracefully, such as Blank Page and Two Columns, while others go wonky, such as Colorful Document.

An easy way to test this is open a new document, change to View -> Display Mode -> Preview Mode, and paste in gobs of text until you generate a five- or six-page document. Then go to Format -> Page Layout -> Page Size & Margins and change the page size. Preview Mode shows all of your pages at once, so you can try out all kinds of changes and see at a glance how they affect your entire document.

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