February 22, 2019

A Look at Pardus 2007.3 Lynx - page 3

Installing Pardus

  • December 17, 2007
  • By Dan Lynch

I found that Pardus came with a hell of a lot of software installed by default. Almost everything I needed was already there and everything else was only a few clicks away with the package manager. KDE usually comes packed with stuff anyway I suppose, but Pardus tries to be a user friendly system and succeeds pretty well in providing a hassle-free experience.

I was able to play all my multimedia files right out of the box in Kaffine and Amarok, every format I had was handled perfectly even Windows Media, which is ugly I know, but still seems to be everywhere. I don't like Kaffine too much so I installed VLC very quickly with PISI. I also found Java, Flash, mplayer-plugin, and everything else needed to browse the Web without trouble was already installed for me in Firefox. A lot of systems do this nowadays but I think it's still worth mentioning and give credit.

I found plugging in my external USB disk and using it just worked straight away with the NTFS-3G driver giving full write support´┐Żagain, not exactly ground breaking stuff as a lot of distros do this, but still damn handy and worthwhile.

I even managed to find a few unexpected things such as Skype in the contrib repositories which was useful. Unfortunately it was only version 1.3 which is a little out of date but it installed perfectly and worked well. Not having heard of Pardus much before this, I wasn't expecting to find so much community support for it but I have to say there's lots of good help out there and since it was only initially originally released in 2005 it's growing fast as a distro.

The community seems quite tight-knit but very helpful and accessible through forums, and the wiki is very helpful and nicely maintained. It will be interesting to see how this distro grows in the future.

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