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The Top 75 Open Source Security Apps - page 5

1-16: Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Communication, Data Removal...

  • April 28, 2008
  • By Cynthia Harvey

Password Management

60. KeePass Password Safe

Too many passwords to remember? KeePass encrypts all of your passwords and stores them securely on your hard drive or a portable drive. You can choose to unlock them using either a master password or a key-disk. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Blackberry, PalmOS, and multiple other platforms used by mobile devices.

61. PWGen

Any network administrator will tell you that strong passwords are key to computer security, but creating difficult-to-crack passwords can be challenging. PWGen does the work for you, creating strong, randomly generated passwords. This app is particularly helpful when you use it with a password safe so that you don't have to remember all those random strings of characters. Operating System: Windows.

62. Figaro's Password Manager

This GNOME application encrypts passwords with the blowfish algorithm and stores them securely. FPM also includes a password generator to help you create hard-to-crack passwords. Operating System: Linux.

Remote Administration

63. BO2K

Based on Back Orifice, BO2K provides file-synchronization and remote operation capabilities for network administrators. Unlike most commercially available products, it's small, fast, free, and very extensible. Operating System: Linux

Systems Administration Tools

64. Inside Security Rescue Toolkit

This toolkit packs tons of useful apps and a full, bootable Linux system into a package that fits on a single CD-ROM. Among the more useful features are the included partition support, network analysis, disaster recovery, anti-virus, and forensics tools. Operating System: Linux.


Short for "System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment," SNARE collects log data from a number of different sources so that security threats can be analyzed. Commercial support and a more robust version of the software that includes analysis and reporting capabilities are also available at the site. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris.

66. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

This bootable live ISO CD contains nearly 100 of the best open source security apps and should run on most x86 systems. It includes tools for network traffic analysis, intrusion detection, network packet generation, wireless network monitoring, a virtual system service server, or a sophisticated network/host scanner. It also provides assistance in troubleshooting crashed systems. Operating System: OS Independent.

67. BASE

BASE, short for "Basic Analysis and Security Engine," provides a front-end to analyze alerts from Snort IDS. It's easy to use and includes role-based user authentication. Operating System: OS Independent.

68. Startup Manager

Startup Manager gives you control over which applications start up when you boot your Windows PC. The result is better security, faster startup, and greater customization. Operating System: Windows.

69. Program Killer

Concerned that you might have unknown EXE files running on your Windows system? Program Killer detects processes being run by unauthorized program files and terminates them. Operating System: Windows.

User Authentication

70. Smart Sign

Smart Sign offers several different modules that help you use smart cards for user authentication and digital signatures. It supports a number of different card types and readers, as well as the Open CA certification authority. Operating System: Linux.

71. WiKID

The WiKID community version provides open-source, two-factor authentication for VPN, online banking, extranet access, and more. The commercially available enterprise version adds support and some proprietary code that cannot be released under GPL. Operating System: OS Independent.

Virtual Private Network Tools

72. Poptop

Utilizing PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), Poptop allows remote users to establish a VPN and connect to their corporate network from any location. It allows both Windows and Linux clients to connect to Linux servers. Operating System: Windows, Linux

73. OpenVPN

Winner of numerous awards, OpenVPN provides remote access, site-to-site VPNs, Wi-Fi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions. It geared primarily for medium- to large-scale enterprises. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD

74. SSL Explorer

SSL Explorer bills itself as "the world's first browser-based open source SSL VPN." While it is a true open-source product, the site primarily promotes the fee-based enterprise edition of the software which includes commercial support and additional features. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD

75. Zebedee

While it's not a true VPN tool, Zebedee does provide secure IP tunneling for TCP/IP or UDP data transfer between two systems. It not only provides security against snoopers, its compression capabilities save on network bandwidth. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix.

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