March 21, 2019

Switching from FrontPage to KompoZer

Dangerous Confessions

  • November 24, 2008
  • By Eric Geier

I confess, I'm a long-time Microsoft FrontPage user. It is the first website authoring application I used and just haven't had the desire to learn a new tool. I've downloaded trial versions of Dreamweaver and a few others, but FrontPage still remains my main instrument for creating and maintaining sites, even though the software title is now kaput, replaced by Microsoft Expression Web. I'm just so familiar with the application. Plus the sites I manage are relatively small and simple. For most of my daily computing I use Windows-- yes, another confession I shouldn't be making here-- where I can use the Microsoft product. However, when working in Linux, I find myself using KompoZer to create web pages or when I need assistance from a simple HTML editor.

This tutorial is for others like me; FrontPage users, searching for a comparable Linux application. Since KompoZer (see Figure 1) is one of the closest matches you'll find, we're concentrating on it. We'll discover features that are probably new to you and, for FrontPage features missing in KompoZer, we'll try to find ways to go about getting the same functionality. KompZer's help files, online manual, and discussion forum provide very good step-by-step instructions and other help on using it's features, so we won't go through using each feature.

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