April 25, 2019

Novell's Open Enterprise Server Builds A Bridge To Linux - page 2

From Netware to the New Millennium

  • December 4, 2008
  • By Paul Ferrill

OES is made up of a bundle of services loaded on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). These services consist of both Novell proprietary software (like eDirectory) ported to Linux along with tightly integrated open source offerings such as iFolder. The intent is to provide the same services and applications found in native NetWare on Linux backed by Novell's service and support.

OES SP2 contains a number of new capabilities and services not previously available on OES Linux. These include Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) services, Common Internet File System (CIFS) services and Novell Domain Services for Windows. AFP and CIFS support have been a core part of NetWare for a long time, delivering native file access to Mac and Windows clients. The key factor in making these services available on Linux is the tight integration with eDirectory for authentication and access control.

Novell Domain Services for Windows makes it possible to seamlessly authenticate users between Windows Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. In times past this required a user machine to run the Novell client software in order to access any eDirectory resources. It also provides a path for Linux users to access NTFS files on Windows servers that use CIFS shares.

All management consoles are web-based, making them reachable from any machine through a standard web browser. The OES installation process configures the default web page to include links to the different management tools. It also provides links to Novell's documentation and service and support pages.

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