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Good Java Apps For Linux You Never Heard Of - page 2

DVArchive, PS3MediaServer

  • February 24, 2009
  • By Matt Hartley
Best bet is to try the software with the understanding that it remains under heavy development. That said, it does work well enough to warrant a try.


Right off I would point out that ConnectBot is an application for the Google Android platform. For those of us in North America, this translates into a G1 T-Mobile phone. Despite the mobile nature of thus far, SSH from a mobile phone to one's computer a big step in the right direction. And being able to make this happen with the Linux compatible G1 that can use ConnectBot to SSH connect with a Linux PC, is simply awesome.

Features for ConnectBot include:

There is really no point in trying to bullet-point this as clearly, it is just SSH on a G1 phone connecting to a Linux box. What I can share with you is that if you are needing to connect to your Linux box via SSH using a Android enabled phone, this is a great way to do so. And because it is Java based, you will not likely run into future problems as the Google's Android platform progresses.

Downsides? Difficult to point at anything definitive, but basically it is rather ugly to use. That said, it is a tool for file transfers, not a polished office application. So glitz and glamor not withstanding, it is something worth investigating if you are looking for a secure means of Ssh file transfers.


One Java application that has grown to be a fan favorite in my household, is known simply as WebcamStudio. Designed to finally provide a usable means of utilizing CamTwist-like abilities in desktop Linux, WebcamStudio allows media motivated individuals such as myself, implement wild effects and overlays to the output of their webcams.

Just like CamTwist, WebcamStudio can be resource intensive. So it is not really going to work on low-end PCs. And as you might expect, it is heavily used with services such as Ustream or Stickam. The trick to getting the WebcamStudio output into either of these services is by using the power of vloopback as a means of video output. You might think of this as a FakeWebcam of sorts.

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