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Good Java Apps For Linux You Never Heard Of - page 3

DVArchive, PS3MediaServer

  • February 24, 2009
  • By Matt Hartley
Features for ConnectBot include:
  • Very compatible with both Flash 9 and 10 on most Linux distributions.

  • Stream video, your desktop, text, RSS feeds, special effects, you name it thanks to the Gstreamer framework.

  • Save specific configurations and use them later. Helpful for when you are creating your own "shows" for frequent use.

  • Make changes to the video output on the fly, in real time.
  • Downsides? After using this extensively myself for a few weeks now, the only gripe I have is the fact that recording local video with the application appears to still have some bugs in it. This being said, the application is technically still in beta anyway, in addition to seeing new releases coming out every couple of weeks. Hence, I feel silly complaining about it.


    One of the best eBay auction monitoring software tools I have ever had the pleasure of using. And the auction sniping feature works perfectly once you get a handle on your firewall situation.

    Some of the features include are:

  • Manage the bidding on near endless auctions at the same time.

  • Snipe the last bid in at the last seconds before the close of an auction automatically.

  • Manage items you are selling in the same easy to follow format as you would buying.
  • Downsides?
  • Lack of ability to calculate shipping costs.

  • RSS feeds for auctions do not always work.

  • Dealing with eBay changes is something that creator has been good about keeping up with, but it does still come up from time to time where you may end up needing to wait for an upgrade.
  • Article courtesy of Intranet Journal

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