February 16, 2019

Before Ubuntu Was SimplyMepis: A Long-Term Review - page 3

The Big Move

  • May 11, 2009
  • By Susan Linton

SimplyMepis ships with Linux kernel 2.6.27-1, Xorg Server 1.4.2, and GCC 4.3.2. Besides most of the usual KDE applications and those previously mentioned, SimplyMEPIS includes applications such as KMPlayer, Kino, Guarddog Firewall, JBidwatcher, and Amarok. It also includes codecs and plugins needed to enjoy local and streaming multimedia and Web content. Lots of other applications are available in the repositories.

Other than the few situations described, using SimplyMepis the past two months has been a pleasure. It was very nice having such complete hardware support and not having to set up all the multimedia and Web plugins myself. The other applications I require functioned without issue. It was delightful being able to concentrate on my work rather than the system underneath.

I could very well and probably will stay in my new /home. The day will come when I'll have to move on KDE 4, but for now SimplyMepis 8.0 can aptly fill my requirements. If you are still amongst us KDE 3 holdouts, then SimplyMepis is one of our better choices.

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