February 20, 2019

Fresh Version of Linux Mint Offers Tweaks and Updates - page 2


  • February 4, 2010
  • By Paul Ferrill

A few of the utilities and system administrations received updates with this release. The MintInstall software manager has a slightly different look with the application preview now in the lower right-hand corner of the dialog box. This makes it a little easier to see the screenshot of the app along with the other information about the software including links to user reviews. MintUpdate brings more user control to the system and application update process. The user interface displays available updates and their safety level. For easy PDF generation there's a default Print to PDF option to make it easy to save Web pages, e-mails or anything else you would normally send to the printer.

figure 3
figure 3


If you use FTP a lot, you'll like the updated system tray File Uploader. In previous releases this tool was named mintUpload. It's now been split into two applications, the Upload Manager and File Uploader. The upload manager supports FTP, SFTP and SCP. Before you can use the tool you must define the service you wish to use along with the appropriate user credentials. This File Uploader tool sits in the system tray waiting for you to drop a file on top of it. At that point it will upload the file to one of your defined services based on the configuration information previously entered.

figure 4
figure 4


linux 2.6.31 kernel. Gnome 2.28 comes with noticeable improvements in Bluetooth support, DVD playback and PulseAudio integration. The Ubiquity installer features graphical improvements and support for the ext4 filesystem.Ubuntu 9.10 also introduced improvements in the boot sequence and notifications".

Bottom Line

With Ubuntu 9.10 under the covers you know you have a solid foundation with wide community support. It also pretty much guarantees you'll get patches for any security issues or kernel updates right along with the rest of the Ubuntu community. Linux Mint is targeted at the newbie that hasn't considered a Linux distro due to perceived complexity. It's definitely worth a look on many accounts and a sure-thing upgrade for current users.


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