April 26, 2019

10 Cool Firefox Add-Ons

NewTabURL, iMacros, Web Developer, Yoono, Gmail Manager

  • February 16, 2010
  • By Eric Geier

This is a must-read for Firefox fans! We'll review 10 cool add-ons that will make your cross-platform Mozilla web browser even better. We'll review add-ons to help fix annoyances, save time, discover advanced functionality, and stay connected. Lets get started!

#1 NewTabURL to control your new tab page

One of my pet peeves about tabbed web browsers is the blank tab page. More specifically, it annoys me when I click to open another tab and I get a "New Tab" page, or completely blank page. I'm a Google fan; I want Google to load. I just don't understand why Microsoft and Mozilla won't make the default setting load your homepage for new tabs!

If you're the same way, you may have already checked (and double-checked) the tab settings in Firefox and found no homepage setting for new tabs. However, there are add-ons that will help; for instance, NewTabURL. This add-on lets you choose the URL for new tabs: blank page, home page, current page, or specific URL.

NewTabURL also gives you another feature that automatically loads URLs from the clipboard. For example, you can copy a website address from a document, browser, or anywhere and when you open another tab in Firefox, the copied URL will automatically load in the new tab.

#2 iMacros for Firefox for automating browser tasks and tests

This is a very interesting add-on, giving you the ability to record and play macros in Firefox. Pretty much anything repetitive you do in Firefox you can automate with iMacros. You can teach it to fill out forms or download and upload files. It can import or export data to and from CSV or XML files or databases. It even includes support for working with PDF files, capturing screenshots, user agent simulation, and proxies.

iMacros for Firefox also includes a password manager. These passwords can be used within macros. Plus they can be secured with 256-Bit AES encryption

#3 Web Developer to design, test, and troubleshoot sites and applications

This add-on is great for anyone that designs or maintains websites or web applications. It gives you a new Firefox menu and toolbar with various web developer tools. Use it to test, inspect, or troubleshoot cookies, forms, images, and many other web components.

It gives you control over client-side settings by letting you easily toggle Java, JavaScript, cache, cookies, pop-blocker, and other features on and off. You can view CSS details and even edit the style sheets to see live results. It includes many inspection and manipulation features for forms and images. It also features code validaters and many other miscellaneous tools.

#4 Yoono for keeping tabs on your social networking and IM friends

Yoono is a must-have add-on for anyone that communicates via social networks and/or instant messaging services. It can serve as a single spot to check your social networking feeds and update your status for all networks at once. If you use multiple sites or services, this add-on can save you a lot of time.

#5 Gmail Manager for quick and easy Gmail access

If Google's Gmail is your email provider of choice, you ought to check out the Gmail Manager add-on. It gives you a icon in the status bar of Firefox, loaded with shortcuts to create and checks messages among other tasks. You'll be notified of incoming messages. It even detects email links and can bring up Gmail when clicking on mailto links. Best of all, Gmail Manager supports multiple accounts.

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