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10 Cool Firefox Add-Ons - page 2

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  • February 16, 2010
  • By Eric Geier

#6 Answers for quick queries

There's always Google to search for answers to questions you have, but this add-on from a Q&A site brings you information even quicker. Once installed, you can just point to a word, hold the Ctrl key (in Linux), and click the mouse. Then a bubble window will pop up, hopefully defining or elaborating on the topic. You can also select a phrase and do a right-click or use the optional sidebar to search for answers.

#7 Morning Coffee to quickly bring up your favorite sites

Do you find yourself sitting down to visit the same sites everyday? If so, this add-on will save you some time and clicking power. Tell the add-on which sites you want to open and when you hit the Morning Coffee button, they'll all load. You can even assign sites to specific days of the week. This is a great add-on to help you keep up with news, comics, or info on the web.

#8 PageZipper to make viewing multi-page content easier

Don't you just hate it when web developers go crazy with the "next button" and make you navigate multiple pages when reading an article or viewing a slideshow? Some sites have a print friendly button that brings up the content in one window, but that takes time and changes formatting. To save yourself time, you can download the PageZipper add-on. It will automatically load and stack next web pages in the browser so you see a continuous stream of content.

#9 XMarks to synchronize your bookmarks and passwords

If you tend to use bookmarks or favorites to remember sites and you use multiple computers, you might want to use XMarks to synchronize them. The best part is that it supports all the popular platforms and browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also supports password saving and synchronization.

#10 Copy Plain Text for copying text without formatting

Many times when you copy something and paste it into a document, it messes up your formatting. For instance, it may be bolded when you don't want it to or it can be a totally different font. Many office applications have a paste as unformatted option, however with this add-on you can cut the formatting out when copying from Firefox.

Eric Geier is the Founder and CEO of NoWiresSecurity, which helps businesses easily protect their Wi-Fi network with enterprise-level encryption by offering an outsourced RADIUS/802.1X authentication service called AuthenticateMyWiFi. He is also the author of many networking and computing books for brands like For Dummies and Cisco Press.

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