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A Computer in a Wart

  • February 19, 2010
  • By Paul Ferrill

The TonidoPlug comes with a number of stock applications out of the box. Many of these must be enabled through the apps screen on the administration home page. It will also show you if application updates are available. Once you activate an application you'll have full access through either the home page or by using a direct URL. You can even access the applications remotely should you desire.

figure 3
figure 3

Available applications include Explorer for remote file management, Torrent for managing bittorrent downloads, Workspace for group collaboration, Webshare Pro to share photos and files, an OpenID provider, Jukebox, Money for personal finance, Thots for blogging and a backup tool. All of these applications run on the TonidoPlug and store data to a locally attached disk.

If that list doesn't tickle your fancy, you can always try something yourself. Behind the web interface the TonidoPlug runs Ubuntu 9.04. You can get root access to the TonidoPlug using SSH from a remote computer. At that point you'll have full access to the command line to type in your favorite "apt get" to install anything you'd like.


Exploring the TonidoPlug user forums should give you an idea of what to do if you really want to take this thing to the next level. One of the sections you'll find is entitled "TonidoPlug Cool Projects, Stories, Tips and Tricks". It includes things like setting up a Web camera server, sharing a USB printer, and more.

For the really adventurous there's a developer site where you can download documentation and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating TonidoPlug applications. All the examples are written in C++ and use a messaging and service based architecture. The TonidoPlug API provides a number of peer-to-peer functions that take advantage of things like their relay service to move data across the boundary of home-based networks.

figure 4
figure 4

Instructions are provided for setting up a development environment on Linux, OS X and Windows. You can even set it up on the TonidoPlug itself. For Linux they recommend using Ubuntu 8.04 in a virtual machine if necessary. The SDK comes with the complete source for their Thots blogging platform which uses the Google Windowing Toolkit (GWT) for the user interface.

Bottom Line

The TonidoPlug is a fascinating little Linux computer that does everything advertised and more. You can make it do pretty much anything you can think of if you're so inclined. The remote access features with their remote relay service give you access to the device from virtually anywhere. All your applications are available remotely as well. If you're looking for a way to add a home server to your network with lots of flexibility you won't go wrong with a TonidoPlug.

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