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Lucid Puppy - Linux for Legacy Computers - page 2

Bring on the Puppy!

  • June 3, 2010
  • By Paul Ferrill

Puppy Community

The community around Puppy Linux is alive and vibrant. There's even a free ebook available for download, although it is for an older version.

<em>figure 3</em>
figure 3

For the visual learner you'll find a number of YouTube videos along with a searchable wiki for the readers. The wiki includes pointers to an FAQ, how-tos for various subjects and basic general information. If you can't find it written down, there's always IRC and the Puppy Linux room.

Browsing the Puppy Linux Forums gives you a quick glance at the sheer volume of traffic they contain. For example, the Beginners Help topic includes 15,967 topics and 104,984 posts as of this writing. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Forum page, you'll see that users have posted a total of 419,622 articles. That's an enormous amount of traffic for a little Linux distribution. You could spend hours just browsing the various topics.

Puppy Performance

<em>figure 4</em>
figure 4

In the end the real test is basically an evaluation of how well the system performs. From our perspective Puppy Linux works well enough to keep our bookend Compaq machine around a little longer. It's a perfect match for a young computer user with simple needs. The minimal applications all get the job done for the most part without the bells and whistles.

If you can't get something working, it's a pretty safe assumption that someone else has attempted the same thing and you'll find a solution or at least an answer in the Puppy Forums. Regular updates and new releases are also a good sign of life for the distribution. Puppy Linux is definitely a good choice for that old clunker computer you've been thinking about getting rid of.

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