April 25, 2019

50 Open Source Financial Applications

From Accounting to Time Tracking

  • July 20, 2010
  • By Cynthia Harvey
Whether you just want to balance your checkbook or you need to track the finances of a large global corporation, you can find open source software to do the job. For our list of open source financial tools, we cast a wide net and included applications related to enterprise resource management, point-of-sale and even employee time tracking. Not to mention traditional accounting and financial management tools.

One trend worth noting -- a huge number of the open source tools on this list, particularly the business applications, are now available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. For businesses, this model seems to make sense, as it gives them access to support and reduces the need for in-house staff to deploy and monitor applications. It also enables a more mobile workforce and keeps costs low. And of course, this model is also great for open source vendors as it gives them another way to monetize their open source projects.

Without further ado, here are fifty open source applications that might be able to replace the financial software you currently use for your home or business.

Open Source: Accounting

1. TurboCASH Replaces: QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree

Specifically designed to replace QuickBooks and Sage, TurboCASH offers a handy chart on its Web site that let's you compare features. It's easy to setup, offers comprehensive reporting, and is one of the most robust accounting programs available for small business owners. Operating System: Windows

2. FrontAccounting Replaces: QuickBooks Online

Offering some basic ERP functions as well as fairly advance accounting functions, FrontAccounting lets you access your books from any browser. Unlike most commercial Web-based accounting systems which store your data in the cloud, you'll need your own Web server in order to use FrontAccounting. Operating System: OS Independent

3. Phreebooks Replaces: QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree

This Web-based accounting and ERP solution offers many advanced features, like sales forecasting, data backup, and bill pay, that cost extra with commercial products. It's also available as a hosted service in addition to the free version. Operating System: OS Independent

4. GnuCash Replaces: Quicken Home and Business...

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