February 20, 2019

WindowMaker - page 2

What is WindowMaker anyway?

  • January 1, 1999
  • By James Andrews
First, it is easy in use. Adding new programs to the dock is very easy, there is no need to edit configuration files at all.

The Dock is an iconbar on which you can "dock" the icons for you favorite applications. In addition to the Dock there also is "the Clip". With this you c an also "dock" icons but, double clicking will make it hide the icons/dockapps attached to it (freeing valuable desktop space).

Some quite dazzling graphical effects are also available. These can be activated and tuned with the WPrefs app supplied with the WindowMaker package. I recommend enabling "Superfluous" in the configuration file or with the WPrefs application provided in the WindowMaker package to turn this eye candy on.

A couple of examples of these effects:

  • when you double-click on an application bar (to "shade" it) the application will smoothly slide into the application bar and vice versa. Note: "smoothly" depends on your video hardware, hardware acceleration and overhead in CPU power. However, it slides pretty smooth on my Cx486DX2-66 with 32 Mb of RAM.

  • when you remove an icon from the dock/clip by sliding it onto the desktop it will burst into a million pieces and falls out of the screen, which is pretty cool to experience. (I like to do it at least once a day just for the kick :) )

    WindowMaker is also integrated into the package installer so as new packages are added they appear in the main menu. The "main menu" will popup if you click in the root (background) window

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