June 17, 2018

WindowMaker - page 3

What is WindowMaker anyway?

  • January 1, 1999
  • By James Andrews

Let's not forget the gigantic collection of themes for WindowMaker. Themes are "Skins" for your Windowmanager, different color gradients/pictures for icon-background, background and application-bar. With some themes sound is included as well, like MS Windows you can "connect" sounds to actions like starting a program or minimizing/maximizing a Window.

Checkout this site if you're bored with the def ault themes:

If you are a Bladerunner -the movie- fan, checkout my BR WindowMaker theme

Some themes (like my BR theme) come with a soundset. To have sound effects in your WindowMaker you must download and install the wmsound package which can be found here

If you can't find a theme you like you can stop searching and start building it yourself, a nice howto can be found here

Check it out now!

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