February 22, 2019

WindowMaker - page 4

What is WindowMaker anyway?

  • January 1, 1999
  • By James Andrews

There are also a number of "dockable apps" available. Dockable apps are small applications that take up the space of one icon, thus fitting nicely into the desktop layout.

I like to use wmifs, wmtime, wmppp, wmmixer, wminet and wmmon.

  • wmifs, displays a graph of the data traffic on the eth* device.
  • wmtime, displays the time in analogue or digital format.
  • wmppp, ppp dail-in frontend, with a graph showing the data traffic on the ppp device when up.
  • wmmixer, the audio mixer
  • wminet, connection monitor, it monitors connections to certain ports on my b ox.
  • wmmon, this is a "special" app, it can be started in the cpu load, io traffic or mem/uptime mode.

    Checkout these sites for more dockapps:

  • http://windowmaker.mezaway.org
  • http://www.BenSinclair.com/dock app/

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