February 20, 2019

WindowMaker - page 5

What is WindowMaker anyway?

  • January 1, 1999
  • By James Andrews

To summarise WindowMakers features:


  • Memory usage (with all extra gadgets on about 3Mb)
  • Fast (even with extra graphical effects)
  • Dockapps
  • Themes
  • Stunning graphical effects
  • Overall userfriendlyness
  • open source software


  • Sometimes a bit sluggish with moving Dockapps (use Alt+lmouse !!!)
  • Still in beta, not 100% stable
  • Including all the libs, libjpg, libpng etc, it takes up more disk spa ce than light windowmanagers like fvwm

    If you have Netscape 4.08 or better (any other browser supporting DHTML) check out this site, it fea tures a DHTML version of WindowMaker, that emulates WindowMakers' look and feel, it's also a very nice example of DHTML coding

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