February 21, 2019

Seagate GoFlex Is Really a Pogoplug in Disguise - page 2

New and Improved

  • February 17, 2011
  • By Paul Ferrill

The Pogoplug software has also undergone some upgrades since the original version as well. It works in conjunction with apps on your desktop and mobile devices to make sharing super simple. Every folder has a sharing option (see Figure 3) that includes everything from a basic e-mail to invite option to full public viewing. You can also share folders but with a sign-in option and enable e-mail notifications to let friends and family know when you've added new material.

<em>figure 3</em>
figure 3

Social media gets the treatment with GoFlex Net in the form of automated sharing from folders on the drive. You can set any folder to automatically post to Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. The GoFlex Net also knows about RSS and will generate an RSS feed you can provide to friends and family so they'll automatically see new photos when you upload them.

Media Streaming

It only takes a few settings on the web-based setup screen to turn the GoFlex Net into a media streaming service (see Figure 4).

<em>figure 4</em>
figure 4

The latest Pogoplug firmware supports the DLNA standard, which works great with devices like the Android-based Logitech Revue. We were able to see the GoFlex Net from our Logitech Revue and stream both music and video. You might have to do some transcoding to get the video to work, but we had no problems playing MP3 music and MP4 video files.

If you install the appropriate app on your mobile device, you'll be able to stream your music and video there as well. We were able to stream music to our EVO 4G Android phone (see Figure 5) but ran into compatibility issues with streaming video. Both audio and video worked with the iPad version of the Pogoplug app. We used the open source tool Handbrake to transcode the video files using all the default settings for their Regular / Normal preset.

<em>figure 5</em>
figure 5

Bottom Line

The Pogoplug-based devices make it simple to share files across a wide range of devices. Using the web-based interface for managing your files can get a little tedious if you have a bunch. Media streaming seems to work well, but you may need to do some transcoding to get video files to work on some devices. We found the device simple to install and simple to use. Making your content available across all your devices is something we've wanted for a long time. The Seagate GoFlex Net and Pogoplug definitely make it happen.

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