March 20, 2019

10 Android Apps for Linux Server Admins

ConnectBot, QuickSSHd, SwiFTP, AndFTP, Wyse PocketCloud

  • February 22, 2011
  • By Eric Geier
The Linux server admin on the go needs a good remote administration toolkit. Here are 10 useful remote administration apps for Android devices.

Here are 10 server and admin apps for the Linux-based Android mobile phone platform. You'll discover clients and servers for the basic protocols: SSH, FTP, and remote desktop (RDP & VNC). There are apps for network discovery and port scanning, remote PC/server monitoring, and an Exchange/groupware client.


ConnectBot is a free open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client, developed by Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey. You can access the shell of a remote machine and transfer files between it and the phone. It also supports local access of the Android shell and remote Telnet connections. You can run simultaneous sessions and copy/paste between other Android apps.


QuickSSHd is a SSH server that also supports SCP/SFTP, offered by TeslaCoil Software for $1.49. It gives you shell and file transfer capabilities. When on a Wi-Fi network, you can connect your phone from a SSH client on your PC to execute commands or transfer files. In addition to the standard SSH shared public key authentication, it supports the use of a password which is stored encrypted on the phone. Rooting your Android would let you use ports above 1024 and the use of other QuickSSHd application users.


SwiFTP is a free open-source FTP server, developed by Dave Revell. Though it doesn't support any encryption (just plain FTP), connections can come in via the Wi-Fi or Cellular/3G connection thanks to their proxy server.

I should note at the time of this writing, the SwiFTP project isn't being actively maintained due to the lack of contributors.


AndFTP is a free FTP/SFTP/FTPS client developed by Lysesoft, available in a variety of languages. SCP support is added in the AndFTP Pro version, which runs for $5.38.

AndFTP supports SSH RSA/DSA keys and password authentication. It lets you browse both the local Android device and the remote FTP connection, similar to PC clients. It provides download and upload with resume support. It gives you all the basic FTP functionality, such as file/folder storing, open, rename, delete, create folder, update permissions, and run custom commands. You can also send files, such as an email attachment or via Bluetooth.

Wyse PocketCloud

Wyse PocketCloud is a free Active Directory-supported remote desktop client developed by Wyse. It supports both the Microsoft RDP protocol and the platform-independent VNC protocol via Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Thus it lets you connect to Windows, Mac, or Linux. Like remote desktop clients on PCs, you can view and use the desktop of a remote computer. Of course it's a bit smaller on mobile phones.

Wyse PocketCloud Pro runs for $14.99 and removes the advertisements. It also gives you encryption with VNC connections and other additional features, such as multiple connections, pinch to zoom, and RDP sound.

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