February 22, 2019

Top Ten Linux Related Web Sites - page 2


  • August 20, 1999
  • By Will Weisner


Freshmeat is in some ways the backbone and nervous system of the Linux community. Every day between ten and thirty new releases of software are introduced for Linux and other free UNIX systems, and Freshmeat covers virtually all of them. In addition, it also contains a searchable "appendix"--a hierarchal listing of every release of every piece of software ever announced on Freshmeat. In addition, Freshmeat is often the site of original editorials concerning important Linux community issues. I would personally suggest surfing over to www.freshmeat.net at least once a day to check for updates.



Geared towards Linux newbies, www.linuxberg.com, from the creators of TUCOWS (The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software), is a unique and useful Linux software website. Upon entering, the user is prompted to select from a list of approximately 146 mirrors from around the world, ensuring fast downloads to anywhere. This is especially convenient, because, unlike Freshmeat where all you get are links to the applications' home pages, Linuxberg keeps a local copy of every piece of software they carry. In addition, you get ratings of each app (a "five penguin" rating is the best). Every Linuxberg server also houses copies of the most popular Linux distributions, downloadable for free.

As if this weren't enough, Linuxberg is also the home of the Linux HOWTO archive, which contains a searchable index of all the Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs.

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