February 16, 2019

Apples and Oranges: A Linux DBMS Comparison - page 3

Introducing the Series

  • November 10, 1999
  • By Matthias Warkus

The most recent version of MySQL can be obtained via the MySQL download page. There are numerous mirrors to choose from. You'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Untar it and change into the source directory tree:
    tar -xvzf mysql-3.22.26a.tar.gz
    cd mysql-3.22.26a
  2. Configure the package; I used following options:
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/mysql
  3. Build it:
  4. Install it; as root:
    make install

You'll then need to configure the installation:

  1. As root, create the grant tables:
  2. As root, start the server:
    /opt/mysql/bin/safe_mysqld &
  3. As root, create the mysql user:
    useradd -c "MySQL Administrator" -d /opt/mysql -g users mysql
  4. As root, give the installation tree to the mysql user:
    chown -R mysql.users /opt/mysql

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