February 20, 2019

Apples and Oranges: A Linux DBMS Comparison - page 4

Introducing the Series

  • November 10, 1999
  • By Matthias Warkus

Downloading mSQL is not as uncomplicated as downloading PostgreSQL or MySQL, but then, the distribution is much smaller, too. Start out from Hughes Technologies Web page and look for further instructions. To download mSQL, one needs to first register with the site and go through a CGI-based downloading system which allows choice between a couple of mirrors if necessary. Building and installing mSQL is a matter of the following steps:

  1. Untar it and change into the source directory tree:
    tar -xvzf msql-2.0.11.tar.gz
    cd msql-2.0.11
  2. Generate the target definitions:
    make target
  3. Change into the target directory for your platform:
    cd targets/Linux-2.2.12-i586
  4. Configure the package:
  5. Edit site.mm; I only changed the installation path into /opt/msql.
  6. Build it:
    make all
  7. Install it as root:
    make install

After building and installing mSQL, you'll need to configure it:

  1. As root, create the msql user:
    useradd -c "mSQL Administrator" -d /opt/msql -g users msql
  2. As root, give the tree to the msql user:
    chown -R msql.users /opt/msql
Next week: Designing the database.

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