April 19, 2019

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Don't Let the Man Keep You Down: Grab the Power of DSL for Linux

  • January 25, 2000
  • By Nicholas M.M. Donovan

If your plan is to have a persistant connection to the Internet, regardless of whether you are a SOHO or a large international conglomerate, security is a primary consideration.

From a high-level perspective, one should consider having a dual-homed firewall or even a triple-homed firewall with a DMZ in between with solid transference rules. Typically we will use dual-homed machines pointing toward a second machine as a gateway to insure extra security.

Regardless of the firewall configuration chosen, xDSL provides an inexpensive, quick method of keeping in the fast lane along the information highway.

Nicholas M.M. Donovan is senior vice president at Bynari International. You can reach him at nick@bynari.net.

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