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Security and Apache: An Essential Primer - page 9

Maxwell's Demon and Hat Colour

  • February 21, 2000
  • By Ken Coar
You can also find some documentation at the following URLs:

  •> (look for the archives of the www-talk mailing list)
  •> (see the Satisfy and Require directives)
  •> (the Apache modules registry, for third-party modules

Apache provides a rich set of control mechanisms for protecting Web pages, and continues to track emerging standards, such as the Digest Authentication one, very closely. With care and a little creativity, you should be able to easily apply whatever protections you want to your Web site.

Got a Topic You Want Covered?
If you have a particular Apache-related topic that you'd like covered in a future article in this column, please let me know; drop me an email at <coar@Apache.Org>. I do read and answer my email, usually within a few hours (although a few days may pass if I'm travelling or my mail volume is 'way up). If I don't respond within what seems to be a reasonable amount of time, feel free to ping me again.

About the Author
Ken Coar is a member of the Apache Group and a director and vice president of the Apache Software Foundation. He is also a core member of the Jikes open-source Java compiler project, a contributor to the PHP project, the author of Apache Server for Dummies, and a contributing author to Apache Server Unleashed. He can be reached via email at <>.

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