June 21, 2018

Stopping Spam With Linux - page 3


  • May 29, 1999
  • By James Andrews
Fret not! If your best efforts to block spam at the receiving end fail, Linux can still help you!
To complain back to the source of the mail you can look up the people that run the spam site with the whois command. Just use the left hand side of the address as input.

mordell:~% whois cyberpants.com

x-Cyber Promotions (Cyberpants5-DOM)
8001 Castor Avenue Suite 127
Philadelphia, PA 19152

Domain Name: Cyberpants.COM
To figure out who are the 'upstream' Internet providers to the spam site you can use the traceroute command. Here is the end of a typical output run.
nslookup and dig
If traceroute and whois can't seem to find the right-hand side part of the email address, then nslookup or dig may be able to find you a good address you can use related to the mystery address. Please refer to the online documentation for more details.

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