April 21, 2019

How to Run an Email List Under Linux


  • May 29, 1999
  • By James Andrews
Most Internet users will be on or will have tried out an 'email list'. Here is a brief explanation of this concept that I am sure you are all familiar with. An email list is a special email address that forwards all messages sent to the address to all the individuals that have 'subscribed' to the list. Subscription occurs by emailing another associated address or by filling in a Web form or some other method. In this way a group of people can be contacted quickly and easily in a manner that is convenient to all concerned. Linux has a number of packages available for running and managing email lists including Majordomo, Mailman, Sympa, eSquire, minordomo and procmail. We will examine majordomo in detail below.
About majordomo
Majordomo is a mature product having been in continuous development and use for over 5 years. It provides basic subscribing, sending and digesting. Configuration is by means of text files and it can be controlled either via typed in shell commands ( the Linux $ prompt ) or remotely by mail. Many of majordomo functions can be controlled via the Web using the MajorCool package.

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