April 24, 2019

A Guide To Linux Printing - page 7


  • May 31, 1999
  • By Steve Singer

Once your printers have been setup Linux provides a few tools that can be used to manage them. Viewing a list of files currently in the print queue can be done with the lpq command. Running lpq with no options will return information about all files in the print queue. Deleting a file from the queue can be done with the command lprm followed by the job number of the print job you wish to delete. Job numbers can be obtained from the output of lpq. A tool named lpc is also used to manage printers. Lpc can be used by the system administrator to enable or disable a printer, change the order of jobs in the print queue, and perform a few other administrative functions. After you have invoked lpc from the command line you will be prompted to enter a command, the help command provides information about the commands supported by lpc. Additional information on lpc can be found in the man page, or by consulting the Linux Printing HOWTO


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