April 23, 2019

New HOWTO: The Linux Kernel HOWTO - page 13

Table of Contents

  • April 2, 2001
  12.  Other relevant HOWTOs that might be useful

  �  Sound-HOWTO: sound cards and utilities

  �  SCSI-HOWTO: all about SCSI controllers and devices

  �  NET-2-HOWTO: networking

  �  PPP-HOWTO: PPP networking in particular

  �  PCMCIA-HOWTO: about the drivers for your notebook

  �  ELF-HOWTO: ELF: what it is, converting..

  �  Hardware-HOWTO: overview of supported hardware

  �  Module mini-HOWTO: more on kernel modules

  �  Kerneld mini-HOWTO: about kerneld

  �  BogoMips mini-HOWTO: in case you were wondering

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