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New HOWTO: The Linux Kernel HOWTO - page 8

Table of Contents

  • April 2, 2001
  7.  Additional packages

  Your linux kernel has many features which are not explained in the
  kernel source itself; these features are typically utilized through
  external packages. Some of the most common are listed here.

  7.1.  kbd

  The linux console probably has more features than it deserves. Among
  these are the ability to switch fonts, remap your keyboard, switch
  video modes (in newer kernels), etc. The kbd package has programs
  which allow the user to do all of this, plus many fonts and keyboard
  maps for almost any keyboard, and is available from the same sites
  that carry the kernel source.

  7.2.  util-linux

  Rik Faith (faith@cs.unc.edu) put together a large collection of linux
  utilities which are, by odd coincidence, called util-linux. These are
  now maintained by Andries Brouwer (util-linux@math.uio.no).  Available
  via anonymous ftp from sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/Linux/system/misc, it
  contains programs such as setterm, rdev, and ctrlaltdel, which are
  relevant to the kernel. As Rik says, do not install without thinking;
  you do not need to install everything in the package, and it could
  very well cause serious problems if you do.

  7.3.  hdparm

  As with many packages, this was once a kernel patch and support
  programs.  The patches made it into the official kernel, and the
  programs to optimize and play with your hard disk are distributed

  7.4.  gpm

  gpm stands for general purpose mouse. This program allows you to cut
  and paste text between virtual consoles and do other things with a
  large variety of mouse types.

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