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New HOWTO: Modem-HOWTO - page 19

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  • April 12, 2001
  18.  Other Sources of Information

  18.1.  Misc

  �  man pages for: agetty(8), getty(1m), gettydefs(5), init(1),
     isapnp(8), login(1), mgetty(8), setserial(8)

  �  Your modem manual (if it exists).  Some modems come without

  �  Serial  Suite  by Vern Hoxie
     is a collection of blurbs about the care and feeding of the Linux
     serial port plus some simple programs.

  �  The Linux serial mailing list.  To subscribe, send email to
     majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu, with ``subscribe linux-serial'' in the
     message body.  If you send ``help'' in the message body, you get a
     help message.  The server also serves many other Linux lists.  Send
     the ``lists'' command for a list of mailing lists.

  18.2.  Books

  I've been unable to find a good up-to-date book on modems.

  �  The Complete Modem Reference by Gilbert Held, 1997.  Contains too
     much info about obsolete topics.  More up-to-date info may be found
     on the Internet.

  �  Modems For Dummies by Tina Rathbone, 1996.  (Have never seen it.)

  �  The Modem Technical Guide by Douglas Anderson, 1996.

  �  Ultimate Modem Handbook by Cass R. Lewart, 1998.

  18.3.  HOWTOs

  �  Cable-Modem mini-howto

  �  ISDN Howto (not a LDP Howto)
     http://sdb.suse.de/sdb/en/html/isdn.html: drivers for ISDN
     "Modems".  Much related info on this is in German.

  �  Linux-Modem-Sharing mini-howto.  Computers on a network share a
     single modem for dial-out (like a shared printer).

  �  Modems-HOWTO: In French (Not used in creating this Modem-HOWTO)

  �  NET-3-4-HOWTO: all about networking, including SLIP, CSLIP, and PPP

  �  PPP-HOWTO: help with PPP including modem set-up

  �  Serial-HOWTO has info on Multiport Serial Cards used for both
     terminals and banks of modems.  Covers the serial port in more
     detail than in the HOWTO.

  �  Serial-Programming-HOWTO: for some aspects of serial-port

  �  Text-Terminal-HOWTO: (including connecting up with modems)

  �  UUCP-HOWTO: for information on setting up UUCP

  18.4.  Usenet newsgroups

  �  comp.os.linux.answers FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux.

  �  comp.os.linux.hardware Hardware compatibility with the Linux
     operating system.

  �  comp.os.linux.setup Linux installation and system administration.

  �  comp.dcom.modems Modems for all OS's

  18.5.  Web Sites

  �  Modem List of modems which work/don't_work under Linux

  �  Linux Serial  Driver home page http://serial.sourceforge.net/
     Includes info about support for PCI modems.

  �  Hayes AT modem commands Technical Reference for Hayes (tm) Modem
     Users http://www-dcg.fnal.gov/Net/HYSTRM20.TXT

  �  AT Command Set and Register Summary for Analog Modem Modules

  �  Controlling your Modem with AT Commands

  �  Modem FAQs:
     Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ http://modemfaq.home.att.net/

  �  Curt's High Speed Modem Page

  �  Much info on 56k modems 56k Modem = v.Unreliable

  �  Links to modem manufacturers

  �  More Links to modem manufacturers http://modmes.rosenet.net/

  �  Identifying modems by FCC ID

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