April 25, 2019

Building Sounds for your Applications with SoundTracker - page 2

Getting Started: The Sounds

  • August 9, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

With Andrew J.D. Bowman

SoundTracker (http://www.soundtracker.org/) is a music tracker and composition program. Trackers let you organize sound samples into individual "tracks," which are like individual members of an orchestra, except that your orchestra consists of little chunks of music rather than specific instruments. The tracker program then lets you trigger each of the tracks to play its sounds at specific timed intervals. You could use a tracker to compose a holiday song, for example, and then replace all of the different instrument sounds used with the meowing of individual cats.

If you're using SuSE Linux 7.3, then you can utilize the RPM formatted package on the siteit's worth checking for new items from time to time as well. Otherwise, download the source code, uncompress and unpack it, and change to the new directory the package unpacked into. Once you're in there, read the INSTALL file and check to make sure you have all of the prerequisites covered. If you're lazy and don't feel like it then you'll find out soon enough, anyway.

When you're ready to install the program, make sure you're in the SoundTracker source directory, and type:


If this process fails it generally shares information with you about what it couldn't find, so hopefully you won't have to pull out too much hair to get the autoconfiguration to work properly. Once you've fully completed the configuration process without errors, type "make" and press Enter. This build program now takes over and compiles SoundTracker for your particular system setup.

Now you should be able to type soundtracker and run the software! What you'll see is shown in Figure 1.

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