April 18, 2019

Remote Administration of Linux Systems - page 3

Introducing Remote Adnministration

  • August 27, 2002
  • By Alexander Prohorenko

Personally, I do not recommend using modem access, as described above, because of some pertinent considerations. First of all, it's not secure--all data will be transferd via phone lines without any encryption (plain-text). Second, it's not suitable--you can only open one terminal per session. If you will need to gain access to a text console via modem, I suggest you to configure mgetty in AutoPPP modem. If using a PPP connection (like a dialup connection to an ISP) you can run the TCP/IP protocol and work with that.

For very paranoid users, we can configure authentification in ssh with the help of a digital signature (RSA key), which we can keep not on a diskette, but rather loaded onto a smart card. For detailed information about ssh configuration in this mode, you will need to read the corresponding equipment manuals and HOW-TOs.

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