April 26, 2019

Burning CDs Over the Network with webCDwriter - page 3

Getting and Installing webCDwriter

  • September 16, 2002
  • By Dee-Ann LeBlanc

You'll require Java components on your client machine to interact properly with the server. From the CDWserver web page, look to the webCDcreator menu and click Start Page, to see what's shown in Figure 2.

If you're utilizing Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer as a client, then download and install the first item by clicking the Java Web Start 1.0.1 link--from there, you can click the WebStart Me Now button to actually burn. If you're using Mozilla or Netscape either in Windows or Linux, then click the Start option next to "Netscape, IE" to go to the "webCDcreator for Java Plug-in" page.

Below the text is either a large gray Start button, or a puzzle piece icon. If you have pretty much anything but a Start button then click the Java Plug-In 1.4.0 link to access the download area for this Plug-In. Follow through the instructions and download the software.

On a Linux box, even the RPMs come with a ".bin" wrapper, so you'll need to change the downloaded file's permissions to executable (chmod u+x filename) and then run the file (./filename). The wrapper basically walks you through the standard licensing stuff. Read it, and then accept the license (obviously you could say no, but then it's hard to proceed, they kind of have us over a barrel don't they?)

Once you've installed the plug-in and restarted your browser, you're ready to go.

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