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No Excuses--Sync Your Visor/Palm to Linux - page 3

Setting Up the Hardware

  • September 19, 2002
  • By Rob Reilly

Once JPilot was loaded it was time to see if the Visor could be synced to the Linux laptop. These were the steps:

The Visor was positioned in it's cradle and the USB cable was plugged in. Next, I started JPilot in an xterm window. I like to flip between using the KDE and FVWM2 window managers, so it's real easy just to start JPilot with an xterm. Soon the JPilot screen came up showing the calendar and various function buttons.

I turned on the Visor and pushed the sync button on the cradle. Next, I pushed the sync function button on the left side of the screen on JPilot. It seemed to work best in that order. I had tried using sync just from the JPilot screen, but it gave an error.

Much to my relief, the window at the bottom of JPilot showed that the address book, calendar, memos, etc. were syncing. Success! And I'm now pre-emptively out of the doghouse.

You'll want to take a look at the "preferences" tab under the "file" tab. If data is entered, such as an appointment in JPilot, the "sync datebook" button on the "conduits" tab should be pushed. I couldn't figure out why my test appointment wasn't being transferred on a sync, until that button was pushed. The same goes for the "sync address," "sync todo," and "sync memo." Once the right buttons are set, dates, address, todos, and memos go back and forth without a problem.

The last area I looked at was installation of Visor/Palm programs from the Linux laptop.

I wanted to add some of those cool Visor/Palm freeware and shareware programs to the PDA from my Linux box. How hard could it be? Right? Let me tell you, if it got any easier, I wouldn't have had to do anything, the new application would have just magically appeared on the Visor, seemingly out of the ether.

I just picked out a Visor/Palm application, from a freeware source on the web and downloaded it to my ~/.jpilot directory (on my Linux laptop). I used unzip to uncompress the file, then added the resulting program (bigclock.prc) to the install file selection menu and did a sync using JPilot. The sync status window immediately showed that the bigclock.prc file was being downloaded to my handheld. As an added benefit of installing a program on the Visor with sync, it also made a backup copy in one of the ~./jpilot/Backup directories.

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