April 24, 2019

No Excuses--Sync Your Visor/Palm to Linux - page 4

Setting Up the Hardware

  • September 19, 2002
  • By Rob Reilly

Once you get the USB hardware working properly, getting your Visor to talk to your Linux laptop is probably one of the easiest jobs I've ever done with Linux. The main focus should be on getting the USB connections straightened away and the buttons set correctly on JPilot. There are also other Visor/Palm tools available, such as KPilot, pilot-link, coldsync and pose (Palm OS emulator for Linux), if you want other options.

Oh, yes...now that I have my wife's Visor data is on my Linux laptop's disk, perhaps I should fire up the external USB ZipCD drive and do a backup to CD. But that's another article.

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