April 22, 2019

Setting Up Your Own Diskless Workstations with LTSP - page 3

The Whys and Wherefores of LTSP

  • October 2, 2002
  • By Alexander Prohorenko

First of all, visit Rom-o-matic and create a boot program for your network cards. On this site, you can get this program in two variants: for hard-coding into the network card for diskette booting. The second variant can be used for debugging or checking procedures.

Write the image (about 32kb) onto a diskette (don't forget to insert it!) and type:

dd if=eb-5.0.7-netcard.lzdsk of=/dev/fd0

where eb-5.0.7-netcard.lzdsk is the file downloaded from the Rom-o-matic site.

Now the bootable diskette is ready. Boot from it on the workstation and after the boot process is finished X Window will appear ready to login.

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