April 24, 2019

How To Move To A New Cyber Address - page 3

Why Switch?

  • August 25, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

Some tasks can be done before you actually transfer from your old ISP to the new one. Here is a short list:

  • Set up your new email address and server names in your mail client. Mozilla, which is what I use, let's you configure multiple email accounts. If you have the new ISP's information why not get the job done ahead of time?
  • Update your web site. First thing you should do is make a complete backup of your current (old) web site. Copy the files down with something like gftp and burn them on a CD. Next, update your pages to reflect your new web site URL and email addresses. Now copy your updated pages to your OLD web site address. As you will recall, your old provider may leave your pages up on their servers for some period of time even after your account is closed. Search engine spiders will crawl your old site, so why not make sure they gather your new data.
  • Download and backup your email messages. You probably do that on a regular basis anyway, don't you? Don't forget that most ISPs give you the option of keeping your email on their servers. If you only use Webmail, you most certainly need to collect your messages before you turn off the old account. If you have 5 MB of mail messages on your old ISP's server, it will take a little while to download everything, so you probably don't want to put this job off until the last minute.
  • Redesign your business cards, letterhead, signature files, brochures, sales/marketing material, etc. with your new email and URL. At this point you may not have the new email or URL yet. You never know if another user with your new ISP has the username that you want to use. Finishing this job may have to wait until moving day.

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