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Why Switch?

  • August 25, 2003
  • By Rob Reilly

Even after planning and thinking about my move for a couple of weeks, I still overlooked a couple of things.

  • Lesson One: Don't forget your spouse's email account. Or, your business partner, for that matter. Since my mail client just pointed to my old ISP's mail server, when the service was turned off, so was my access to any outstanding mail. Oops... my wife's access ended as well. To make matters worse, we were out of town for about a week and she hadn't checked her mail before I switched to Earthlink. She lost about 25 email messages. Fortunately, she only checks her mail about once a week and doesn't get that much traffic. Needless to say, if your wife or business partners are major email users, learn from my mistake and make sure you download everything (don't forget your kids', dog's, cat's, turtle's, etc. accounts) before you flip the switch.
  • Lesson Two: I could have done a better job at updating my old web pages. You might even want to redesign your home page to tell people that you are moving to a new web page, if you know the new URL. Also, any search engine spider that crawls around on your old site could then update their databases, with your new info. It might cut down on the amount of time it takes to get your new information out on the Web and into search engines. I checked my old site and after a month, it's still there. Better take advantage of the opportunity before you lose access.

Moving to a new ISP is never a completely smooth operation. Making checklists and trying to think about all the contingencies, ahead of time, can go a long way toward an easy transition. It's hard to get around some level of disruption, but it surely doesn't need to stop your business or personal life from functioning. Also, investigate that new custom domain name and cut down on the problem next time.

I'm happy with my new service. It's convenient for me to have broadband in the comfort of my own home and unlimited dial-up when on the road. Who would have ever thought I would actually want unlimited dial-up access again. I think it will continue to be the case until we get ubiquitous broadband wired and wireless connectivity. Just like Open Source and Linux it's nice to finally have practical choices with your Internet providers.

Finally, remember that moving in cyberspace is just like moving in the physical world. It brings new adventures and new opportunities.

Rob Reilly (aka: "Dr. Torque") is a professional writer and senior technology consultant, whose work includes Linux, business systems integration, R&D and occasional hot rodding excursions. He frequently writes and speaks about these and other topics. He has 17 years experience in the high technology, manufacturing and the utilities industries. He is always 'on-the-lookout' for stories and projects that focus on Linux, business and the cutting edge. Send him a note or visit his relocated web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~robreilly.

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