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Integrating Writer into Your Business - page 3

Writer Has The Right Stuff

  • January 5, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Envelopes are nearly as easy to do as a letter itself.

While still in your letter, click on Insert, Envelope. The envelope wizard will let you choose a database to use and what text you want to appear as the sender. Fill those in and then select New Doc. If you choose Insert, your envelope will show up at the beginning of your letter. I always thought it was a little awkward to save the envelope and letter that way, but the choice is yours.

Next, you can go ahead and print. The Mail Merge panel will again appear and let you choose your recipient. Highlight who you want the envelope to go to and away you go.

You may have to fiddle around with the envelope feeder on your laser printer, to get it oriented correctly. On my antique HP Laser Jet 6P, I'd flip open the front cover and stick in the envelope. I'd also open the back cover so the envelope went right through the printer without curving around into the paper tray on the top. You might also need to switch to the laser jet type envelopes. Regular envelopes tend to seal themselves shut, under the heat of the laser printing process. Anyway, once you get the envelope going through the printer correctly, make a little note and paste it on the top, so you don't have to waste a bunch the next time you print.

We've covered the basics for a business letter and envelope. Let's now turn our attention to typing up some simple columnar reports. Everybody needs reports.

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