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Integrating Writer into Your Business - page 5

Writer Has The Right Stuff

  • January 5, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

Brochures put your business message, services and company info out there for everybody to see. The traditional tri-fold brochure is easy and nice because it will fit into standard number 10 envelope. Mock up some brochures, slip them into some envelopes (using your address database, as discussed earlier) and mount a do-it-yourself mail marketing campaign.

This time you'll need to be a little more creative, but not much more.

Start by clicking File, New, Text Document. A blank sheet will appear. Then go into Format, Columns. A column selection panel will appear that let's you configure your columns on the tri-fold. Set the column number to 3 and un-click AutoWidth. Next, set the width for all three columns to 2.80 inches. Set the spacing (which will be between the columns) to .80 inches.

Finally, set Apply to to Current Selection. All these measurements assume a landscape oriented (make sure you set it under Format, Page) page of 8.5 by 11.00 inches. If you are using different sized paper or want to do a bi-fold (two panel) or quad-fold (four panel) brochure, you'll have to experiment to find the best looking column width and spacing. Click OK when you're finished and that's it for the setup of the panels.

Now the real work begins... you'll have to put information in the panels that reflect your company's business message, services and contact information. Here is a list of things, I've used, to get you started.

  • Page 1 - left hand panel is my Promise panel. That's where I tell the client about my writing skills, the value of my service and my promise to do a great job

  • Page 1 - middle panel is my Contact panel. It lists my name in bold letters, my title, a subtitle and my company address, phone, email address, web site, etc.

  • Page 1 - right panel is the front cover. Get creative and make an clean, eye catching design.

  • Page 2 - left panel is my Client/Experience panel. Things like "You can call on me to do..." and some bio information can go here.

  • Page 2 - middle panel is for the advantages that I provide. In my case it would be "A freelance writer can:..." or "Advantages of using a freelance writer are:..."

  • Page 2 - right panel is for my consulting agreement, terms and other information the client might need to make a decision when contracting jobs with me.

Printing a brochure is a little labor intensive because it happens on two sides. For a small number, I open the front of my laser printer and feed in a single sheet. When it comes out the back I flip it over and feed it in again a second time. For large numbers, you'll want to print page one, then turn the copies over and put them back in the feeder for page 2. Just print one side at a time. It can be tricky, so go slow and be patient.

Lot's of examples exist on the web and there are many books that discuss the design of brochures. The hard part is figuring out what information best reflects your company. That is something, only you will know. I'd be happy to assist, of course. Just send me your contact information, I'll mail/email you my brochure and then we can put one together, together.

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