April 19, 2019

Web Marketing Your Business With Linux, Part 2 - page 3

Transferring Pages

  • January 8, 2004
  • By Rob Reilly

One of the most important aspects of using a web site to promote you business is to integrate it smoothly into your operation. Several areas will need attention.

Any type of document, advertisement, product, marketing piece, press release or article should include your web site and email addresses. Also, be sure to get your web site address on your business card and letterhead, as well.

The update and maintenence of you web site should be done on a regular basis. Visitors to your site like to see new content and good numbers come from providing constantly updated information and links. Surely, just about anyone in your company could contribute. Get some of your marketing people to start the ball rolling with some interesting articles on how your company was started or a company profile. Then, maybe the sales people would want to take a shot at writing about some of your products and how they could benefit the customers. Have some of your best customers produce a testimonial letter and post that on your site. The list is endless. Even though I said that graphics consumes quite a bit of bandwidth, several well chosen pictures can be worth a thousand words.

You may not have the staff or the inclination to update your site daily. How about weekly or even monthly? Many businesses also write monthly newsletters and post them on their sites. Remember, the main idea is to supply your customers with information that will help them to decide to choose your company over someone else.

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