April 26, 2019

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Easy Linux, Easy

  • June 9, 2004
  • By Drew Robb

Linux is set up for CD-ROM installation. Of course, you can download your Linux software from many free sources and burn your own CDs. But the download is big--up to 3 GBs--and it takes time to burn a full set of CDs. Do it the easy way and eliminate problems with interrupted downloads or CD data errors.

Go to eBay and buy good quality CDs from established sellers like "The Linux Store" and pay about $1.00 per CD, plus shipping. Or go to Linux CD and pay about $2.00 a CD plus shipping. You might have to look carefully to find RedHat here.

At such inexpensive prices, the vendor is making no money, so you do not qualify for free vendor support. These are low-end products, but they do contain all the small business server and office software you need to get started. If you need or want someone to call on in case of technical difficulties, pay more and buy from Red Hat, SUSE, or other established Linux vendors.

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