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KMail In Depth - page 5

Masses Of Features and No Malware

  • January 13, 2005
  • By Carla Schroder
KMail handles multiple accounts and profiles with ease. For example, I have my public-to-the-world email address. Then I have my super-secret private account for family and friends that do not send me multiply-forwarded jokes or large attachments. And I create various other accounts for different purposes, such as one for my book. KMail let me do three things:
  1. Configure as many separate accounts as I like
  2. Configure multiple identities
  3. Route mail from different accounts into different folders
To configure your various accounts use Settings -> Configure KMail -> Network; you'll find both Sending and Receiving tabs here. Same old, all you need is your login and server information. Incoming mail for each account can be directed into any folder you like. Outgoing mail can also be directed into various folders; this is done when you create Identities.

Settings -> Configure KMail -> Identities is where it gets fun. This is where you set up signatures, return addresses, the user's mail account, and Sent Mail and Drafts folder locations. When you compose or reply to a message, you can select an identity from the dropdown menu in the message. (Use the View menu to control what fields and menus are displayed.)

That's just a fraction of what KMail can do. Watch this space for more.


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