April 25, 2019

Inkscape: Vector Graphics For Linux - page 4

Raster vs. Vector

  • February 22, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

Two other vector operations need to be covered before we briefly look at how you can use Inkscape and SVG files.

A very interesting feature you can use is to make text follow a line. Any line.

  1. Open a new document and draw a curvy line across the page using the Freehand lines tool button.
  2. Next, add some text using the Create and edit text button.
  3. Select the text, then while holding the shift key, select the line.
  4. To make the text serpentine along the line click the Text button at the top followed by the Put on Path menu item.
  5. Poof, the text is now following the line.

Try it yourself. You can even do it with a spiral.

How about doing some Boolean operations on shapes?

For example, you can select two overlapping red filled circles and then use the exclusion menu item under the Path button to combine the circles. The area where the circles overlap is excluded from the result and so is removed from the shape. If you move the combined circle shape on top of a blue filled circle, you'll be able to see the blue circle through the hole.

Inkscape has a multitude of Boolean operations that can be used including union, difference, intersection, ect. You can also do other operations like break apart a combined shape or creating insets and offsets of shapes.

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