April 18, 2019

Inkscape: Vector Graphics For Linux - page 6

Raster vs. Vector

  • February 22, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

We opened our discussion with the differences between raster and vector graphics images. Later, we walked through how to use the features of Inkscape to create basic geometric shapes. We also stepped through a real world example of designing a logo and how you might change it with the Inkscape editor, the built in XML editor, the common Linux text editor vi, and from the command line using sed.

Talk about options.

I think the best feature, that Inkscape offers over other graphics editors is the ability to work in vectors. All objects in a drawing (document) have characteristics and values that can be easily manipulated. The objects have intelligence.

That ability is what makes Inkscape so useful.

I'm sure you have lots of ideas that you'd like to try. Go ahead, load Inkscape on your machine and give it a spin or rather, draw. Explore and have fun.

In a very short time, I'm sure you'll be replacing The Gimp with Inkscape, for many of your repetitive graphics related chores.

I know I will.

Rob Reilly is a consultant, writer, and commentator who advises clients on business & technology projects. His Linux, portable computing, and public speaking skills-related articles regularly appear in various high-end Linux and business media outlets. For more tips visit his Web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~robreilly.

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