April 22, 2019

WiFi PDA Meets Linux--Part 3 - page 2

Using Skype

  • May 27, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

As in previous stories in this series, the iPAQ is an HP 3715 Mobile-Media Companion with integrated 802.11b wireless networking. It sports a 400-MHz Samsung processor, 152 MB of main memory, and Window Mobile 2003 Second Edition Professional for Pocket PCs. I've added a 128 MB SD memory card for additional content file capacity. This particular iPAQ also features a built-in microphone and speaker.

To say that installing Skype on this little handheld is easy is an understatement.

First, make sure that the 3715 can connect to the Internet, then download the Pocket PC version of Skype from the company web site. You'll want to grab the "CAB installer for handheld devices" file. This will put the Skype program directly on the iPAQ, ready for use. What could be easier?

I'll cover user account configuration shortly.

Next, we'll download and install Skype on the Linux notebook.

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