April 18, 2019

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Making Web Browsing Easy For The Tiny Screen

  • July 20, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

Tiny browser screens are coming to a PDA or cell phone near you. The vendors are cranking out the handhelds and the telecom trade journals have tons of stories about who is getting into the content delivery business.

It might even make sense to buy a round of PDAs for the staff, so your developers can see how the things really works. Front some to the testing people too so they can root out any residual issues. Since the things are getting so cheap, you might as well let the people doing the building, use the tool first-hand. ROI should be good because of the rapid development aspect... and pride.

I've pointed out some of the bottlenecks and time wasters that a PDA browser jockey might run up against. LAMP and Open Source tools can make their lives easier.

With a a tiny bit of planning you'll be able to make your Web content and applications enjoyable and truly useful for your tiny screen users.

They'll appreciate it... in a big way.

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